the year in wildflowers

April 22 Coltsfoot

April 22 Coltsfoot  For more

April 29 Dandelion

April 29 Dandelion  For more

May 6 Soapberry

May 6 Soapberry  For more

May 13 Ladyslipper

May 13 Ladyslipper  For more

May 20 Arnica

May 20 Arnica  For more

May 27 Strawberry

May 27 Strawberry  For more

June 3 Blueberry

June 3 Blueberry  For more

June 10 Wild rose

June 10 Wild rose  For more

June 16 Labrador tea

June 16 Labrador tea  For more


June 24 Twinflower For more


July 1 Wintergreen For more

Rosy pussy toes

July 8 Rosy pussy toes For more


July 15 Pinedrops For more


July 22 Fireweed For more

Wild mint

July 29 Wild mint For more

August 5 aster

August 5 Aster For more

August 12 Showy aster

August 12 Showy aster For more

August 19 Canada thistle

August 19 Canada thistle For more

August 19 Canada thistle For more

5 responses to “the year in wildflowers

    • Hi Marcia, thanks so much for the blog visit and your comment. I’m living in northern British Columbia in Canada, so many of the flowers will be different.

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