wetlands mural

Jan 8
A bit of colour in the winter

 Sept 7 (After)

Tuesday Sept 5

Friday Sep 2

Wed Aug 31

Monday Aug 29

Friday Aug 26

Wed Aug 24


7 responses to “wetlands mural

  1. Usually wetlands are just naturally beautiful…but this area certainly needed help and you have done an outstanding job of that. It is such an amazing contrast from the “before” to the “after”. Thank you Annerose for making such an “eyesore” into something so pleasing and lovely! It makes us that much more proud to have the area dedicated to our Dad. All the very best from the McLeods.

  2. Thanks for your kind remarks Penny.
    When I was at student at Vanderhoof Elementary, your father nudged me and hundreds of other students, towards nature, through visits to the “Science Centre”. I so appreciate his enthusiasm for birds, weather and all the other things that make up the natural environment, including the tiny swamp insects. I hope that students today have the same steady hands-on advocates for the environment.

    • Yep you’re right, red-winged blackbirds, and there’s also swamp sparrows and Canada geese.
      Thanks for coming to see the blog!

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