Sinkut Mt & the Geese mural

DSC_8369sm Mural is done! August 22

This mural is in Riverside Place, in the basement hallway. I painted it in the summer of 2013, with a lot of input and direction from the senior residents.

DSC_8193sm Aug 16

DSC_7973sm Aug 12

DSC_7145sm July22

july 18 003sm July 18

sinkut mt 029sm July 17

DSC_6459sm July 10

DSC_6041sm July 3

DSC_5883sm July 2

geese mural june 24

2 responses to “Sinkut Mt & the Geese mural

  1. I’m very happy that you received a huge contract to paint. It’s so typical of Vanderhoof the geese and Sinkut mountain. It looks like a huge undertaking and a job well done.

    • Hi Pat
      Thanks for the visit and the very nice comment. Yes it is the most typical Vanderhoof scene, Sinkut Mountaint and the geese. It’s what the seniors wanted and it was fun to do. It took a long time, I made some colour mistakes and they took hours to change. It’s huge, 24 x 4 feet.
      All the best in your own painting

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