more drive-by landscapes

This exhibit is now over.

You can see images from the exhibit at the drive by landscape blog 

How I make driveby art

We have a great idea, now I just have to paint, right?  But actually I spend most of my time doing other mostly mundane things.

A list of tasks

starting with the most time consuming and ending with the least 

  • looking through the hundreds of photos and selecting the few best ones
  • putting canvas on stretcher bars, painting the edges and framing
  • painting (yeah!)
  • mixing paint colours
  • crating (to keep the art intact while it travels)
  • taking driveby photos
  • working out the idea and (since this is a joint show) discussing it
  • hanging the show
  • more selecting- which works to put in the show
  • documenting the work (more photos)
You may have thought that I spend all my time painting!

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