blue jean paintings


I made these small paintings on pieces of old blue jeans for the Upcycling Art Exhibit, April 22 – 27, 2013 at the Burrard Market in Vanderhoof. The exhibit was organized by the Nechako Arts Council and Nechako Valley Waste Reduction Initiative for Earth Day.

DSC_1443sm DSC_1445sm DSC_1382sm DSC_1378sm DSC_1282sm DSC_1277sm DSC_1284sm DSC_1272sm DSC_1279sm DSC_1212sm DSC_1215sm DSC_1174sm DSC_1171sm DSC_1193sm DSC_1184sm DSC_1189sm DSC_1505sm DSC_1510sm DSC_1434sm DSC_1517sm DSC_1449smDSC_1420sm DSC_1431sm DSC_1176sm

2 responses to “blue jean paintings

  1. how are these done? is the background the same fabric as the painting or is the painting mounted? some fabric is deep red – is that “blue jean” fabric too? did you gesso the painted part?

    • Thanks for visiting. I start with a square of denim and gesso a square in the middle and paint the painting on that section. The little paintings are un-mounted. For the ones that have red around edges, I painted that edge fabric also. Hope that answers your questions!

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