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Featured Painting

2 x 12″
Early November snow makes a November-coloured stained-glass landscape.

The wild roses
the wild roses
18″ x 30″
I am so much in the mood for spring!

Heavy snow on dead pines
12 x 16
The heavy wet snow leaves an art deco style pattern in purple, gold, brown and gray on the forest of dead pines.

Indian paintbrushes on purple
indian paintbrushes on purple
16″ x 20″
Indian paintbrushes are one of my favourite wildflowers. They’re everywhere in northern BC late in the summer. In this painting they dance happily between the dark purple background and the pale green grass.

Pine seedling

12″ x 16″
$225 – available at Two Rivers Gallery in Prince George.
This winter did seem to drag on and I got tired of snowy winter scenes, so I painted some now green life, a brand new pine seedling. It’s also a powerful symbol for the re-growing pine forest that was killed by the mountain pine beetles a few years ago.

Winter solstice sunset
12″ x 24″
We often have wonderful sunsets here in the winter. There is not very much daylight these days, the sun is only up at 8:30 and down again at 4.  But light is coming and the days will slowly get longer. This is the last painting I made in 2013.

Rosehips 2
24″ x 30″
$800 – available at Groop Gallery in Prince George.
Although fall is my favourite season, it gets pretty drab after the leaves go, but here and there are these small bits of brilliance.

DSC_8600 sm500
Coyote coloured
32” x 48”
After the snow goes, the land here is coyote colored for a few weeks.

walking through the bush
Walking through the bush
12″ x 22″
$400 – available at Groop Gallery in Prince George
This painting is from walking in the snow and seeing all the Labrador tea around the bottom of the swamp spruce trees.

forty below
Forty below
24″ x 48″
This painting is inspired by the forty below sky January last year. Crazy electric blue.

Ditch tapestry 1
Ditch tapestry 1
12 x 16
acrylic $400
There is a wonderful and endless parade of fascinating pattern in the ditch, especially evident in the winter as weeds and shrubs partially emerge from the snow. I’m still working on this series of Tapestry paintings.

burnt swamp spruce
Burnt Swamp Spruce
22″ x 28″
I loved the tops of these swamp spruce about six months after a forest fire. They look so good against the bright blue sky. I started with a dark red undercoat and put on the dark trees and then the swirling bands of sky.

snow on young pines
Snow on young pines
28” x 44”
This painting is about the almost abstract patterns made by the heavy snowfall on a group of young pines. You would get so full of snow if you tried to walk between these trees. The hard part of this painting was getting the dark areas dark enough. The orange underpainting peeks out here and there, and gives a bit of contrasting glow. And it has a lot of one of my favourite colours, young pine green.

Fall Study
Fall Colour
Acrylic on canvas
18″ x 24″
This painting is all about how every year at this time I feel compelled to paint those brilliant yellows. I love the fall, it’s such time of relief after the heat and bustle of the summer. And one of my favourite things in fall is the glorious colour of the poplars and cottonwoods.
I started this painting at a demonstration as part of Culture Days at Two Rivers Gallery.

18 responses to “New Experimental Sales Page!

  1. Your name first caught my eye – my name is AnnMarie Roselli-Kissack –
    You make acrylic mimic the buttery feel of oils – gorgeous living colors – your compositions are beautiful and vibrant…
    AnnMarie 🙂

  2. Hi annerose, I really enjoy your lovely art; the abstract quality is a joy to experience! Thanks for the like on my blog, too. Keep up the wonderful work!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Ron! I’m waiting for rich patrons too, but meanwhile, I’ll just keep painting, as I know you will.

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