cool art

Other people’s cool art.

Anne ten Donkelaar broken butterflies

Zachari Logan wilderness tips

Catherine Nelson miniature worlds

Ed Fairburn maps and faces

Michael Gillis infiltrations

David Chambon macro photography
david chambon

Richard Schilling Land Art
wheels richard shilling

Leonardo Ulian
circuit mandalas

Millefiori Tapestry
Sarah Alford’s glue gun lace

Vestige – A series of six life sized mirrored figures
Rob Mulholland

Earthscapes by Andres Amador

Bryan Nash Gill

Jennifer Stead

and you can see large drawings wrapping around the gallery here

Alive Cathedral by Giulano Mauri

Walking sculptures powered by wind
by Theo Jansen

Grow  by Anna Garforth

iron nut sculpture by Manuel Martí Moreno

Katy Beveridge

Dirt painting by Moose Benjamin Curtis
(clean graffiti)

Peter von Tiesenhausen

Tom Deininger makes amazing paintings from recycled junk!

Once upon a time by Francis Grafton

Stumped by Gregory Ball

check out his lonely log story

Trees by Catherine Gibbon
catherine gibbon

Threnody by Robin Ripley
robin ripley

Adriana Stadler
installations, papercutting, etc

Soheila Esfahani
Islamic script in paint

Speaking with trees (Roberta Holden)


Christopher Marley’s form and pheromone

a drawn prayer

Edward Burtynsky

Banksy, British graffiti artist

The sounds of Pine beetles chirping David Dunn has recorded these.

Charles Spearin’s The Happiness Project. The natural cadence of people’s speech can sometimes carry beautiful melodies.

Steven Nederveen

cd art by Bruce Munro

Urs-Peter Twellman

Richard Long

Blue trees by Konstantin Dimopoulos

Terse Cell by Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas

The Large Hadron Collider byRussian Land artist
Nikolay Polissky.

Birds on the wires

14 responses to “cool art

    • Thanks Walter, it’s really handy to have a place to store all my favourite artist sites!

  1. A really interesting collection of artists, I really enjoyed going through them!!! Thanks

    • This blog is a a great place for me to store my favourite artist sites, very handy. I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Wonderful selection of just amazing work! It’s wonderful that you have such a broad appreciation for creativity beyond the traditional. Do you or have you made land art as well?

    • Thanks!
      I have only rarely made land art, and then it never turned out well, it was much less significant than I imagined it would be.
      But I really love to see it!

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