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I like to use acrylic for my paintings. These days I’m working on
a series of landscape paintings about the forest and the various changes in the forest, including logging, fires, farming and the pine beetles.

I was born in Switzerland and I came to Canada with my family when I was three years old. I live on the same piece of land where I grew up, near Vanderhoof, in the Central Interior of BC.

2880 Landaluza Rd Vanderhoof BC  Canada V0J 3A2
250 567 9499


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  1. I really like your work. It really does remind me of BC 🙂 Beautiful! Thanks also for visiting my blog.

    • Thanks! I’m so glad that you can see BC in the work. And I love it when people like my art!

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  3. Hi annerose. I am looking forward to following your blog and your landscape paintings. I love landscapes, and often manipulate landscape photos into various expressions of surreal digital art. Please stop by and check out my landscape “tag”.

    • Hi Walter
      Thanks so much for following my blog!
      I like lots of the manipulated photos from your landscape tag.

  4. Hi annerose, thanks for following my blog. Your work is truly unique! Love the energy in the swan pieces.

    • Thanks, I think your drawings are fantastic.
      I love the leftie sketches, and all of the beautiful splattery portraits.
      Hopes your hand heals quickly.

    • Hi Jules
      Thanks so much!
      I’m very grateful, I’ll reply more later…

    • Thanks for coming to visit too. I’m always like to see how people make art about nature.

  5. Hi Annerose, thanks for all your likes 🙂 It’s a little humbling to come here and look around your blog and all your beautiful paintings! I love the monoprint of the small birds on your website and the photos you took whilst playing hookie! 😉

    • Hi Michelle
      Thanks for your kind words!
      I really did enjoy that hookie day…
      And I really enjoy your site, it’s such a great description of your various projects and especially the working process.
      Take care

    • Well thanks for your very kind words Keith! I really appreciate them.
      Happy arting to you also!

  6. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Please accept it. I have enjoyed your work and look forward to much more! If you would like to accept the reward all you need to do is:

    Answer any 10 questions that you can think of

    Include the Award image in your post

    Nominate 10 additional bloggers for the award

    and then notify your nominees on their blogs.

    Here is a link to help get you going




  7. Hello,
    I enjoyed stopping by and admiring your art work, gives you a since of quiet while watching life. I can see your joy and that is a sign of a happy artist.

    • Hi Nancy, thanks so much for your very kind words. I do feel a lot of joy in life. I am so lucky to live here and to be able to make art. Life is good to me.

  8. Hello,
    I do not have a web site yet am only on Facebook where I became connected with Eoghan Bridge, through comments I found your name then view your beautiful art work .Nancy

  9. I see you have Rosebay Willow herb as your banner. It is such a beautiful plant. They say it was taken to Britain by the Romans – how did it get to Canada? Tony

    • Hi Tony
      We call it fireweed. I think it is a plant native to Canada. The First Nations have used it for food for ever. It is at it’s most beautiful right after a forest fire. And we have many, many blooming right behind our house right now.
      Take care

      • Interesting how the same things take on different names, What I called Kahki weed in South Africa is Black-Jack here in Australia, and Black-Jack there is Cobblers pegs here. Cheers, Tony

  10. Juvenile derivative tripe, a monkey could do as well (and in fact has). There is no underlying talent and it’s clear Annerorse would be incapable of accurate dimensioning and thus must rely on hiding her inabilities through the abstract.

  11. Lovely and beautiful work. I love the fluidity and surrealness of your art.
    Hey, Samuel where’s your Art? ( are you the Monkey) Easy to be the critic!
    As my momma and many mommas have said; “if you got nothing good to say-say nothing”
    Delet backspace this guy!

  12. One of the great things about WordPress is that you come across some pretty interesting people. I really enjoyed looking through the various posts describing your process. We all seem to start in a very similar place.

    • Hi Tim So nice to meet you on wordpress! I agree it’s wonderful to meet all the interesting people. Artistic process is indeed similar even across the various disciplines. All the best to you.

  13. Next time you visit Montreal (I know it’s far from BC!), if it is in more than one year, don’t forget to use the metro and stop at “Place d’Armes” to see the stained-glass… 😉

    • It’s been many years since I was in Montreal, but when I am next there I will certainly stop and see the stained glass window. Thanks for the invitation. Joyeux Noel!

  14. Just came across your blog… now I have to look through all your old posts! And your blogroll will keep me occupied for quite some time. 🙂

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