reworking an old painting again

I don’t think it’s done but it’s a lot better than when I started today.

and I changed the Blueberries painting a bit. The leaves are more greenish and have pink lines. Someday this will be finished and after it dries I’ll start a new large one. I’ve never reworked old paintings as much as I have recently. Usually I just paint over them if I’m not happy with them.

8 responses to “reworking an old painting again

  1. The pink lines in the blueberry leaves are nice – just a little something in there to quiet the leaves down a tiny bit. I like the way the background carries so many colors but not much definition, giving the impression of a receding, complex forest. Frankly, I can’t imagine reworking a painting. Working digitally with photos is so much easier, I have to say!

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