reworking a painting

I don’t usually rework old paintings, this one is from about a year ago. I never really liked it but I didn’t want to paint over it. I’m going to try adding a bit of colour to the fairly monochrome painting. It’s still a work in progress.

The other one is a bright colour study using leftover paint from the last colour study. It’s been so cold that I stayed home most of last week, theoretically doing “paperwork” but mostly goofing off and just enduring the -37.5C weather. This week it’s wonderful –12 this morning. Cold weather is exhausting. I’m super lucky we have a warm house and lots of firewood.

7 responses to “reworking a painting

  1. Annerose, You already know that I love all your paintings, right? Stay warm and be ready for the Spring. The very best to you, my friend! 😉

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