lodgepole pine tops

this might be done, but I think it’s not quite. It’s of these trees at the edge of a clearing I pass by every week or so and always love to see how they look silhouetted against the sky. They’ve sort of become a personal symbol for me.

I’m happy to use some strange discordant colours, there’s so much more to explore in colour, so many combinations, I will never tire of it.

6 responses to “lodgepole pine tops

  1. I think it is finished too. The simplicity and honesty of the way you portray these trees is full of energy, and at the same time quietly joyful. Not many of us can accomplish those two goals simultaneously.

    • Thanks for such a thoughtful and kind comment Teri! I’ll look at this tomorrow and may just add a bit of paler ochre, or maybe it will just stay the same.

  2. You make “strange and discordant” work beautifully. It’s interesting how these everyday scenes seep into our lives. This painting seems to have more and more feeling, the longer I look at it.

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