The Inventory of Beauty in the World

I’ve been a lot more upset by the second wave of the Pandemic than by the first one, so to help myself, I created The Inventory Of Beauty in the World.

It’s a list. Every day, all day long, I look for the most beautiful thing I see that day. Sometimes it’s obvious, (the sun shining on the head of a pileated woodpecker), some days like today are snowy and gray and it’s harder to find beauty, but there’s always something. I keep several contenders in mind and at the end of the day I make a choice.

And like I told my friend, it’s not the beautiful thing that’s the thing; the thing is the looking, the daily search for beauty. It helps.

10 responses to “The Inventory of Beauty in the World

  1. Not the thing, the looking – absolutely. And we need to engage with the world in ways like this more than ever. I’m familiar with practices like this one, or gratefulness practice, which is similar, but calling it “The Inventory of Beauty in the World” is brilliant and somehow lifts the whole practice to another level.

    • Thanks, Lynn. I think it’s the capital letters that bring this to the next level. And makes it a bit pretentious, too 🙂 . But I’m very serous about this practice.

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