after the snow days wip

I’ve been away from my studio since last Tuesday because of the ridiculous amount of snow. I went back to work on both of these and they are both still not done


7 responses to “after the snow days wip

      • 😀 The school buses didn’t run for a day when we got a metre of snow in a couple days. It’s plowed off the roads and we have more coming down, everyone is back to normal (winter normal). It’s just life in northern Canada.

      • A METRE OF SNOW!!!!! Crikey! That’s mad. We hardly get snow here these days. Climate has changed a lot. Just incessant rain. I must visit Canada, I must plan a hop across from Iceland sometime and get me some snow.

  1. We are still dreaming of winter here in Oregon. Spring flowers are up and ornamental plum trees are blooming. The weather people are threatening us with a dusting of snow this weekend, but I’m not holding my breath. Spring will be coming your way soon!

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