empty nest almost finished


This series has raised a question for me. My friend and fellow artist Corey Hardeman has been painting nests for some time (extremely well!) I feel almost as those I am treading on her subject matter, as if nests are for Corey exclusively. It just feels a bit not correct painter behavior to stray into someone else’s area.

What do you think? Do you hold off certain subject areas because they belong to another artist? Some artists mind, I don’t think Corey does.

I’d be very interested in your thoughts.




13 responses to “empty nest almost finished

  1. These are definitely your style. So I wouldn’t think it’s a problem. Do you care if other people paint trees? Lots of people do nests and birds. And trees. (K)

    • It’s true, I could care less if people paint nests or trees (hehehe). I will stop my worrying, thanks for your comment, Kerfe.

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