little robins


The fifth robin nest painting. I think this is done too.

12×16″ acrylic


4 responses to “little robins

  1. lovely – I thought at first glance this was a landscape – the other nests are great too. It’s so wonderful to come across a nest with a little brood tucked up and well fed.

    • Thanks kindly Chas, this nest is above my mom’s window it’s been so much fun watching them. Yesterday the last little bird left the nest.

      • Oh that’s bitter sweet Annerose. 2 of my chicks have flown the nest – I still just have the cuckoo left – he’s turned into a monosyllabic 6ft+ 16 year old – don’t know how that happened but I’m sure there’s a swan in under there.

      • Hehehe, they grow so fast. They are indeed gangly and odd looking. I think we will see the robin family around mom’s yard this summer, they are so friendly.

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