12 responses to “studio shots

  1. Organised chaos – a working studio with lots of natural daylight. Looks good.I particularly identify with the piles of sketchbooks!
    My question for you, as a prolific painter, is: do you sell everything and therefore have little need for additional storage, or do you have other storage solutions?

    • Hi David, thanks so much for your kind comment. Ha, I only wish I sold everything, I don’t sell very much. I have storage at home, a small room full of boxes of paintings. I try to store paintings on various gallery walls. I often paint over old paintings. How about you?

      • Hello Annerose, I hope today has been a good one for you. I frequently paint over older paintings but even so still create more than I have room for. I no longer market myself and therefore have not sold any paintings for a while. I have plans to re-open my etsy site but like most things nowadays I often find more compelling things to do. I fill up sketchbooks almost every day but only rarely convert anything into finished paintings. I have dozens of new paintings going on in my head. Last year I painted myself to a standstill with no more room to store them. I am extremely interested what other painters do about this issue of storage. My studio is a converted garage 3 metres by 6, and with the house loft full and my bed rising nearer to the ceiling I have been contemplating building a larger garden shed to clear some studio working space. BUT, even with good packaging what would a semi-external environment do to oil paintings on canvas and acrylics on paper? The only recourse open to me seems to be to hire a skip and do a wholesale clear-out. That at least would be cathartic!!!
        Keep up the good work and thanks for allowing us a peek into your working environment,

      • Hi David, it’s a shame to not be able to paint because of lack of storage! I think your semi-outdoor idea may not work, the art work would suffer.
        My friend had a clear out sale of old work, everything at $5 or $10, she cleared out a lot.
        I built a wide long shelf in my storage room, which doubled the space. I take large paintings off the stretcher bars and roll them up and reuse the bars.
        I take drawings out of the frames. I don’t get rid of sketchbooks, they are a record of my thoughts…(you fill up one a day!!! that’s a lot!) I don’t keep a lot of the loose drawings unless they are really good.
        My studio is about 16 km away in town, it’s about 5m x 5m. It fills up pretty fast. My storage space is about 2m x 3m and it’s pretty full. When stuff has trouble fitting, I take some of the older ones out to paint over.
        Good luck in finding a solution, don’t stop making art!

  2. Thank you for your reply Annerose – it is both interesting and helpful.
    I am not able to stop making art – it’s in the bones, and in any case your blog is an inspiration to me – great expressive painting and an impressive work ethic.
    ps: In my previous comment my wording regarding sketchbooks was a trifle inaccurate. I meant only that I work nearly every day in sketchbooks, not necessarily filling them up to completion in one day. That would take some doing even for me! :o)

    • You’re welcome David. Glad to hear you can’t stop artmaking! Thanks so much for your kind words about my art, I like your painting also and your drawings. You have a good sketchbook habit, I used to work a lot in sketchbooks, then I sort of drifted away, just in the last year went back to daily sketchbook drawing as a facebook thing. First it was a chore but now it’s routine (and helpful).
      It’s good to know that you’re not filling a sketchbook a day. Whew!
      All the best

  3. I love to see studios, there is such a special energy in there. Quite different from the office environment. Makes me wonder if it would be at all possible to inject at least some of that creative energy in an office…. hm…. Big question mark!

    • Thanks Gunilla, I love the look of people’s studios too, they all differ so much and have their own personality. And yes, very different from an office. Maybe a studio desk on one side of the office?

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