the paintings in “The Work of Logging”


Moving 24 x 48″ acrylic
….finished a few hours before the exhibit opened…

Also these painting that are currently at Government House are part of the series:


15 responses to “the paintings in “The Work of Logging”

    • Thanks so much Tony for your kind words. The exhibit had a really nice opening, lots of conversation with people that had done logging, and great strawberry mousse and now I’m just going to let it run itself.

      • Best way – like a theatrical show after opening night there’s nothing more the producer can do, it must run itself!

  1. A fine series on the slow harvesting of a forest. I can smell the cut pine logs and exposed earth; hear the screeching sounds of cutting steel blades, the roaring engines an wood cracking. In between the great silence interrupted by an occasional bird. I really enjoy your treatment of the colors.

    • What a wonderful comment Mathias! I think you’ve spent time in the forest logging, you describe it so well. There are birds; ravens, whiskey jacks and chickadees, just exactly as you say. Thanks!

  2. I always love your color and the energy that you evoke, Annerose. This series is outstanding. I love that last painting, too, as I feel the finality of it.

  3. It’s an industrial scene and makes a fascinating set of paintings. It’s funny, cutting down of trees evokes a visceral negative reaction. But this is art and art should provoke. Congratulations on this set of paintings.

    • Hi Neil, I’ve been worried about how you might response, because you are so passionate about trees. And I’m sure others share your negative reaction to cutting down trees. I’m so glad to agree with you that art should be provocative. Thanks again, for your kind and gracious comment!

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