Celebrate logging? Really?

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Is it possible to both love the environment and also celebrate industry? It’s a very interesting area of tension and discomfort, a great place to explore with art.

If you are in Vanderhoof, Friday night (tomorrow) come down and check out my paintings. Let me know what you think.


14 responses to “Celebrate logging? Really?

    • Thanks for your kind words, Kerfe! Yes, you are right , it is a balance between industry and the environment, undoubtedly we are using too much. I need to do my part, too and use less, protect more. Meanwhile I do my work, painting what is around me.

      • That makes me misty-eyed.
        When I did the pine beetle epidemic artwork a decade ago, that was my main goal, that this loss of most of our forest and the community’s grief was documented. Thanks for the reminder Kerfe!

  1. I was just thinking how your logging paintings would tell a story and wondered if they would be seen together ever. Now I know! Congratulations!

    It’s always my hope, in all human endeavors, and the subject of logging brings it up again, that whatever we as people take from the earth, that we value it and don’t waste it, and that we re-invest what we have taken so that the cycle of life can go on for us, and for nature and animals. I think your paintings remind us of interdependence and responsibility. And I also remember that the moose in the painting I have from you, lives here too! Over time you have built up a portrait of your world for me and I really enjoy that.

    Not to mention your paintings are invariably just beautiful.

    I hope the exhibit is a great success.

    • Thanks so much Claudia, you always have kind things to say! I’m glad that the paintings tell a story of this place. All of the logging machines work together in a very complicated way, it’s like a dance. I know my brother is very conscientious in his care for the environment, to be as kind as possible to the land. And the mill is obliged to replant the trees wherever their contractors cut, so there will be a forest in the cutblocks again.

      • Seems to me everything on earth contributes and we have to fit into that idea, too, as humans, I mean, and not think we are above it all. I am glad that your brother is involved in this industry because it sounds like he has a feel for the land and the trees.

  2. I like what both Kerfe and Claudia have said. art is an equalizer, you will be bringing people together in the best possible way. The best to you at the show.

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