The Work of Logging

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8 responses to “The Work of Logging

    • I know, seems strange, right? The paintings celebrate the work of the loggers, including my brother. I’ll post photos of the exhibit. Thanks for your comment, Sheila.

      • Yes, it does. I work for a tree planting organization and clear cut woods are something upsetting. I realize it is an industry however your art is such a tribute to nature I was taken by surprise!

      • Thanks for your kind comment about my art, Sheila. You are not the only one that is surprised by my choice of subject. It happened this way. I made a series of work about the various changes in a forest; fire, pine beetles, roads, farming etc. I thought I’d do one painting about logging but then it took off and turned into it’s own series. It’s very strange, but I do find beauty in the chaos of a cutblock, and I know the little trees will grow again, getting a boost from treeplanters that work for organizations like yours.
        I’m very pleased to cause people to question my motives.
        Thanks for your comment, it makes me think!

  1. Indeed, it’s a tricky question – I think your art explores it beautifully.
    It’s a shame that I can’t visit your exhibit, but I’ll be very happy to see pictures. Congratulations and greetings from the forests of Sweden !

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