8 responses to “ruler

  1. Now I’m wondering if the inspiration (the commissioning party’s, I mean) is an actual fish and an actual experience?

    This is certainly going to be a presence on someone’s wall, my goodness! I admire your ability to maintain your style in such a scaled up project.

    • Thanks for your kind words Claudia! It will be going on the wall of an interpretive centre for White Sturgeon. It really is an actual fish and apparently they do grow to 3 metres (9ft)! They live in our river but are secretive bottom feeders. It will stand upright so people can stand beside it and compare their height to a sturgeon.

      • I had no idea a sturgeon was so massive. My goodness. And what a thrill – to have your fish on display like that. You know it will be see by every visitor because they will want to do the comparison. I really think that’s fantastic. Congratulations.

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