hard work

DSC_8167smPainting is hard.

Any half-hearted intentions will result in half-hearted tentative marks. When it goes well its like the brush dances over canvas. But some days the brush doesn’t remember the act of dancing and stumbles and fumbles.


10 responses to “hard work

  1. Anne Rose I have looked at this picture several times over the past few days and am intrigued by it. It is so obviously what it is – a truck throwing up dust – and not a romantic picture at all, but… but… there’s an indefinable something, that knowledge that “I’ve seen this before, and I know what she’s getting at” Your composition says it all.

  2. Dear Anne Rose, I feel exactly the same. Most people think painting is easy work. But they don’t realize the struggle behind it.
    Love your Work!

  3. Well, I see no tentativeness here. I think this is a very confident picture, both in the theme of it (that truck has a big presence when you take in the dust it kicks up) and in the execution. I love it.

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