a month of star drawings

dec 8 sm2

December daily drawings

click on the images to see a larger version

dec 1 sm dec 2sm dec 3sm dec 4sm dec 6sm dec 7 sm dec 9 sm dec10 sm dec 11 sm dec 12 sm dec 13 sm dec 14 sm dec 15 sm dec 16 sm dec 17 sm dec 18 sm dec 19 sm dec 20 sm dec 21 sm dec 22 dec 23 dec 24 sm dec 25 sm dec 26 sm 3 dec 27 sm dec 28 sm dec 29 sm dec 30 sm2 dec 31 sm


12 responses to “a month of star drawings

    • Thanks Sharon, I didn’t think I could have enough for the whole month, but they kept coming. Happy new year with lots of art

  1. Annerose, these are so dynamic – thanks for sharing. And isn’t it true, once we commit to daily creative acts (in your case these star drawings) the ideas begin to flow and evolve. Thank you for sharing.

  2. What a delight these are, Annerose! Oh, I’m so sorry to have missed all this – my app kept crashing, then I lost track of everyone. Thanks for visiting, this is very inspiring as always!:-)

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