calligraphic marks






10 responses to “calligraphic marks

  1. I love your painting – especially the one at the top of the page with trees against a dark background! It’s so full of drama and energy – the trees are alive in a way that expresses human emotions too. Does it have a title?

    • Thanks so much for your very kind words, Teri. That’s my favourite, too. I’m not sure it’s entirely finished yet and I haven’t given it name. It is from the forest fire site.

      • It’s easy because these are just beautiful. And it inspired me to look up the paper you mentioned, and I say thank you for that, too. I’ve never heard of it and it sounds intriguing, plus, I have your real-world example to encourage me!

  2. Have revisited these paintings and I like them a lot! There is something a bit more “symbolic” happening here than in some of your other work.

    • Yes, this is true. I really like these “writing” type of marks, still not sure of how to incorporate into my other work. The white weed paintings from February are a bit of a hybrid. Maybe. Thanks for your visit and comment, Al.

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