19 responses to “Moose close by

  1. I love this. for Scott. How much? Lisa

    Tag Team Creative Services Counselling and Community Development 7801 Sinkut Lake Road Saik’uz Territory Vanderhoof, BC V0J 3A1

    • Hi Shawn, thanks for the comment, sorry for the really small bad photos. The theme I’m using for my blog needs all the images to be the same width, I could increase the resolution, though.

  2. What a knowing look in this moose’s eye. And he may have found a home, maybe, it looks like? Moose power.

    I am wondering if you have a place where all the mooses are displayed together. I admit, I like pretty much each one as I see them, I think that tells you how wonderful this series is to me. As I said, I have no previous moose feelings, but yours have really caught me!

    • Hi Claudia, thanks so much for your very kind words, as always! I’ve put all the moose paintings on the same page “2015.” You can find that at the top of the blog. I’m so glad that moose have captivated you, I have a big soft spot for them, too!
      Take care,

      • I’d not wish you to be type cast as only a moose painter, but every time I see your moose paintings it cheers me up somehow, partly the animal, partly your style.

      • Hi Neil, I’m so happy with your comment. I’m so glad that the paintings cheer you up! Don’t worry, I won’t be stuck in moose mode forever, there is a wildlife art show happening here at the end of November, maybe bears next…But soon I’ll be back to other painting.

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