july daily drawings

jul 10sm2

jul1sm jul 2sm jul 3sm jul 4sm jul 5sm jul 6sm jul 8sm jul 8sm 2 jul 9sm jul 11sm jul 12sm jul 13sm jul 14sm jul 15sm jul 16sm jul 17sm jul 18sm jul 19sm jul 20sm jul 21sm jul 22sm jul 23sm jul 24sm jul 25sm jul 26sm jul 27sm jul 28sm jul 29 sm jul 30sm jul 31sm


7 responses to “july daily drawings

  1. I just love these daily drawings– and I love the seeing the practice of drawing daily (which is something I am not currently in the habit of doing.) Lovely loose lines!

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment, Jean, I really appreciate it especially from such a good drawer. I’m enjoying the daily practice, for now anyway.

    • …and in the summer I find it very hard to drag myself to my hot studio so this daily practice keeps me working. Thanks Al!

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