4 responses to “wildflower wednesday – strawberries

  1. Oh, these are lovely, like tasty jewellery in the forest! In Sweden we put them on a straw, do you know this where you live too? If you google “smultron strå” and choose images, you get lots of examples. It’s a bit romantic, and also (for me) very much a part of children’s ways to enjoy summer. I stubbornly keep a few plants in our tiny garden here in The Netherlands. The snails eat most of the berries, but that’s OK, the plants are just there to symbolise the summer (and the real wild ones are sweeter, anyway!).

    • Thank you so much Gunilla, I never knew about strawberries on a straw, they are so beautiful. I’m going to do this as soon as they are red. I love the taste, can’t hardly wait.

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