March daily drawings

mar 2 sm2

mar 3 sm mar 4 sm mar 5sm mar 6 sm mar 7 sm2 mar 7sm1 mar 8 2sm mar 9 sm mar 10sm mar 11 sm mar 12sm mar 13sm mar 14sm mar 15smmar 16smmar 17 smmar 18sm mar 19sm mar 20 sm mar 21 2 sm mar 21 sm mar 22 2sm mar 23 sm mar 24 sm mar 26 sm mar 26sm mar 28 sm mar 29sm mar 30 smmar 31sm


10 responses to “March daily drawings

    • Thanks Al, I’m glad to continue too. Good luck with your urge. I started drawing with my after supper tea. Five minutes and you have a little something. After a few weeks you can get pretty hooked. Now I’m sometimes drawing with my morning coffee!

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