not going well with truck, so something new


It’s not going so well with the truck so I abandoned it for the day and started something new. I’m not sure what’s wrong with it. Front tire too tall? driver’s window needs a slight downward angle? bunk too far back? The logs could use a touch more orange, too. I’ll try again tomorrow…



5 responses to “not going well with truck, so something new

  1. Always good to set things aside until the inspiration reappears. I do really like how the truck has progressed!- Gale

    • Thanks Gale, I agree, I have to resist the urge to get out a big brush and the pot of white paint, things usually seem more clear in a few days.

  2. Now, I know you didn’t ask, but I think the logs on the truck are too long or else too indeterminate at the back? I see what you are saying. The painting seems a little out of balance.

    Having said this, I love the truck front part. To me it really looks like that truck is energetically hauling the load and I like its personality.

    And I love the green painting at the top of the post.

    I know the feeling when a painting is not right but you cannot put your finger on it. It’s almost as if the painting is exerting a little defiance or else it wants something that I’m not hearing. Frustrating!

    • Thanks a lot Claudia, your comment was most helpful. I looked at the logs again and sure enough the back part of the load was not defined. So it’s fixed now, for the time being anyway.
      I know very well that feeling of working on a defiant painting. I’m always being dragged along in the wake of the paintings running amok, not quite getting it, a bit clueless. Just along for the ride. Thanks again!

      • I think it is a lot easier to look at someone else’s work and see possibilities or needs, than it is to look at your own. I think it’s just not possible to see your own work objectively – what is actually there and what is in your mind – get all mixed up, at least for me!

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