Today I started on a new series of 12 x 16 small paintings of a swamp spruce forest. I went snowshoeing near my house on the weekend and took some photos of the sunlight coming into the trees. Each photo has a small area of complicated interwoven branches (still to be painted).

My friend put this creative process thing up on Facebook. It pretty much describes my daily process, except I usually end with “this might be ok.”

The-Creative-Process sm

8 responses to “branches

  1. Once again, I love the sense of motion I get from this painting. And the warm colors against the snowy cold ones – it’s just great. The forest seems friendly rather than harsh and cold. Very interesting for a winter painting since I guess we feel winter is remote and stern, not kindly at all. I like the paradox.

  2. Annerose, thanks for posting the Creative Process… definitely agree with that (1-5) for me, also! Looking forward to seeing the progress on this. Anita

    • Thanks Anita! Sometimes, quite a bit later, I get to #6. I hope you do too, because that’s how I feel about your paintings!

  3. What a lovely sketch! I have always liked underpainting with the way the colour strikes through the overlying layers giving it zing. This works so nicely as it is.

    • Hi Tony, thanks so much! That’s why I use undercoats – to give the painting zing. I’ve covered up more of the orange, hopefully not too much.

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