be brave


When I’m almost done I always get timid about making changes. I need to remind myself to be brave.

10 responses to “be brave

  1. I like it better each time. I like the contrast between the green and white – makes me think of snow and spring all in one picture. I like that paradox ( or whatever the word is). Made me think. What kind of place is all this landscape existing in?!

    • Hi Claudia, thanks for your kind words. This is a tree plantation in snow. All the bright green is young pine trees that were planted to replace logged trees. The tall trees in the middle are a patch that was left as a wildlife refuge. This type of landscape is pretty typical in northern BC in Canada, where I live.

      • It’s beautiful. And it’s not ordinary. Lots of people paint trees. Not a lot of people express their vision of them or show a new way to see them. I think you have done that.

      • Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment, I really appreciate it. I’m glad that I’ve shown you a new way to see my landscape of trees!

      • And this is just something I noticed – here (Pennsylvania USA) they tend to put X’s on trees that are – ahem – scheduled for an exit. Usually seem to be white or yellow.

        Just something I noticed because of these paintings!

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