almost done


The tree on the right still bothers me but not as much.


4 responses to “almost done

  1. I know what you mean about that tree. Possibly it’s to do with the shape of the branches when adjacent to the main branches in the two central trees. Kandinsky talked about that in “Concerning the Spiritual in Art” The way lines flow convey different emotions and in this image the main tree branches curve out and down, whereas the one on the right curves down and then out. Perhaps that has something to do with uneasiness?? I do like the feeling of open space beyond the line of trees.

    • Hi Tony! Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I agree that the difference of line curves is an issue. The two trees in the middle are dead pines and the one on the right is a vibrant young spruce. I think I might make it come into the foreground a lot more. Maybe just remove the top two branches? We’ll see. If it doesn’t snow a huge amount I’m going to work on it again tomorrow.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Rosa, I’m glad to show my process of painting and I’m very glad that you enjoy seeing it.

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