13 responses to “underpainting

    • It did used to be another painting, Tony, but hopefully this will be different and be an good painting… Thanks for your kind words!

      • Great pleasure, I love your works. Also like to look at the snow falling – I’m sitting here sweating watching the sun go down over the hill painting the fluffy little non-rain-bearing clouds a delightful pink. Oh for a good downpour before Christmas to cool things down a bit. Have a good holiday, and merry Christmas to you! Tony

      • I just love the wordpress snow!!! And I love your work too! We definitely have snow all over outside too, but it’s unseasonably warm, it’s only -3 c! Best of luck with the rain and some cooler weather. And all the best at Christmas to you.

      • It must be a wordpress.com thing, because I see the same snow on so many profiles! Is it a plugin or something?

      • It’s just a case of polar opposites! 🙂 We were baking all summer praying for rain and now I find it impossible to imagine being too hot. My body just can’t carry the memory over more than a few days…

      • I suppose it’s a matter of the type of cold/heat you are subject to. That damp penetrating cold we had when I lived in Britain, even when it was above freezing, was most demoralising, yet when it is cold, crisp, dry – another matter. The heat too can be OK if it is not humid, but humidity is very draining and that can be a problem in North Queensland. Hope you have a great Christmas. Tony

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