Feller bunching


Feller bunching
48″ x 24″ acrylic

It’s done. I’m happy but also quite nervous about these logging paintings, far outside my usual subject.

And I’m out of large canvases. Arg! So I’m making another flower painting on a smaller canvas 16″ x 20″

I need to add a lot more light. The purple background is good fun.


6 responses to “Feller bunching

  1. No need to be nervous about your logger paintings they capture the spirit of the scene very adequately. At least they speak to me! Tony

  2. I think the logging paintings are especially interesting because they also reference a way of life and say something about your time and place.

    • Thanks, Al. They are very topical and strangely I don’t think anyone else (at least around here) is is doing them. I find it a pretty compelling subject at the moment.

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