lots still to do


3rd day on the feller buncher. Lots still to do, some white in the sky, more gray on the bottom, and the area around the machine is not good, actually the whole foreground…

My two demons are back on my shoulders, or should I say they never really left. One whispers “this painting is sooo awesome, you’re so good at this”, and the other whispers, “actually you should just quit painting altogether.”

Shut up, demons! The thing to do is just get lost in the act of painting and ignore the little pests.


4 responses to “lots still to do

  1. Oh, those darn demons! Glad you’re turning the bad one off because your work is wonderful. I’m so impressed at the changes in this image. Keep it going!

    • Thanks so much, Gale! I find both of the demons equally annoying, I just don’t find the “best you’ve ever done” demon at all helpful, either.

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