token effort


it’s so hot, and I have other work, so just a token effort today.

It feels as though my province is on fire. There is a big fire to the south of us and quite a few to the northeast. Lots of heavy smoke and ash yesterday. Maybe some rain on the weekend.

8 responses to “token effort

  1. There is fire and smoke everywhere in BC!! Sure hope we get some rain soon. Can’t believe I just said that. Hope you are safe.

    • Oops, it’s all painted over this afternoon, I really did not like it. But thanks anyway, Tony. I guess I really feel like I need pretty much full committment to an artwork. This half-hearted way of working does not ever get me anywhere.

  2. I think we are getting all your cool Canadian air. This has been the coolest July I can ever recall in Kentucky. While the lower temps are a gift, they are also out of the ordinary.

    • It’s a little bit cooler these last weeks, but it’s been one of the hottest summers here. And there are still so many forest fires. I’m glad our Canadian cool air is helping out in Kentucky.

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