lady slippers vs fairy slippers


The start of a new small painting, a group of lady slippers. Some of the colours including the purply pink of the ladyslippers , are not right.

They are really named fairy slippers, but we grew up calling them lady slippers, so that’s still what I say.  They are very special, blooming for a few days in June in the dark mossy bush. There are many fewer in the region, now that our pine trees are mostly gone.
For plant lovers they are  Calypso bulbosa.

4 responses to “lady slippers vs fairy slippers

  1. Lovely so far! There are a few of these magical flowers scattered in a small secluded patch of evergreens near our house… one of my favorite sights of spring. 🙂

    • Thanks Teresa, for your kind comment. I agree, they are a magical sight in the late spring, almost like a small other world.

  2. I thought your images were photographs that you had played around with at first. Yet I see they are the most beautiful paintings! Wow! Totally gorgeous! So colourful and your style seems so individual! It must be you 🙂

    • Thanks for your very kind comment Gigi. For quite awhile I’ve been using photos to paint from, that’s why the paintings look somewhat like photos, only way messier.

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