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7 responses to “studio views

  1. Hi Annerose! I’m really curious, is your studio at home or do you rent a space?

    • Hi Gail
      I rent a space in town about a half hour from home. Our house is very small and I like being away from the distractions of home. I’ve had three studios in town but this is the best by far. The others were a small space in an arts building, now torn down and a room at the local college.

      • I find it interesting to hear where people work. You’re fortunate to have an arts building near your home, but not too near! Working from home is very difficult and I dream of moving everything out someday. Maybe at my next home a studio can be built onsite. 🙂

      • Sorry I spelled your name wrong before…
        I love to see where people work too. Of course if you work from home you don’t need to pay rent. Sometimes it seems I won’t make next month’s rent, but then it works out. Best wishes with your dream studio.

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