a little bit of progress.

Each painting has this point where I think it’s not ever going to work. I just have to push through that. There’s always a next step, I usually know one step ahead.  I just need to believe that it will all come together in the end.


8 responses to “believe

  1. I agree with you. Frequently a picture suddenly works, I put a brush onto it and it requires loads of work to bring it to the next point of completeness. There seem to be stages in development of a painting. I love the way you underpaint your pictures. Tony

    • I know, it’s just part of the painting process. Sometimes I get a little discouraged, it’s just me being whiny. Mostly I know it will work if I just put in the work. Thanks Tony.

      • The secret is knowing just when to stop – and you seem to have that – whether by instinct or otherwise, only you would know. It is something I have great difficulty deciding. Fortunately digital imaging means I can go back to a fixed point at a click (it’s almost cheating) – with paint you have to be so much more professional. And I agree with Chas Spain, going on results, you are probably up there with the “truly able”. Tony

      • Oh you guys, thanks!
        Yes knowing when to stop is so tricky. But the taking risks (like really screwing up) make the painting better somehow. Quite often I have to just paint everythings over and start new.

  2. Always good to see your work in progress Annerose. I don’t think you can go wrong really but it’s nice to know even the truly able have those moments of self-doubt – a relief for the rest of us ‘try hards’!

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