attention span of a flea

new start

and this is pretty much done.

Honestly, I have the attention span of a flea. I’m always going to something new. The best part of painting for me is trying to find my way through a new subject, how all the pieces and colours fit together.


4 responses to “attention span of a flea

  1. I like this, though it has lost much of the mystery of the earlier version. The eye now travels to the horizon and draws you through. Cheers, Tony

    • Thanks Tony. I’m not entirely happy with it, maybe I’m just a bit sick of the dull cloudy winter days. Maybe I just need to reintroduce some of that red.

  2. Today by contrast we had one of those dark, overcast, still, airless, hot, humid days that north Queensland is famous for (although they only occur occasionally). We were trying to prepare for a lunch party involving a rich stew cooked in cast iron pots over charcoal fire, so I was lugging wood and setting a fire. By 10.00 am the perspiration was so bad I was drenched and gasping for re-hydration. We love it here, but the heat can sometimes be just a little trying. So I like to look at your winter scenes and enjoy the sensation of coolth. Thankyou. Tony

    • That’s hard to imagine. I much prefer the cold. We get to 37 C in the summer and on those few days it’s difficult to get anything at all done. Even then the short summer nights always cool down sometimes to 15 or so.
      A person can always put on long johns (long underwear) and another sweater and enjoy the outdoors. But you can’t get away from the heat. I’m sending you some cold thoughts, Tony (warmly meant!) .

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