Pine sapling and art process


12″ x 12″ acrylic

I think it’s done! And I’m content with it.


And another start, looks very cliche at this point, but hopefully improves tomorrow.

I’ve been thinking about my studio processes and rituals. First thing I do when I get to my studio is turn on the light and radio, put on my painting shirt. I sneak a peek at what I was working on the day before.

I uncover the paint containers and then I take a solid look at the previous day’s work.

I usually leave my studio with something definite to do the next day, like a certain colour to add to a certain spot,or a background to spap on a blank canvas, so I then I just get right to that.

Then I take a really good look at the painting from the day before.  I set it either in the one pile, to look at again later, or the other pile, to continue working on that day.  Sometimes I select a new section of a new photo for a new work. Then it’s mixing colour and painting pretty much steady until it’s time to go to my other job.  I usually spend about 3 – 4 hours in my studio.

I’m always interested in other artist’s processes.


One response to “Pine sapling and art process

  1. I’m sorry you think the second looks cliche at this time – I like it, particularly like the red underpainting and the way it all works together. It is abstract and focussed with two ambiguous dark figures that could be mourners – two Marys going to the tomb. No, it works for me as it is. I envy your ability to achieve deeply emotional results with such simplicity. Tony

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