totally want to give up on these, starting over


Same thing as always, just not feeling the song of the paint…


starting again with a new background colour…


and this is just a bit blah…

Well tomorrow, there will be hours to fix these up.


10 responses to “totally want to give up on these, starting over

    • Thanks Anita, I’m being a bit of a drama queen! Anyway, thanks so much for your very kind words! The paintings may magically improve overnight..

  1. Your paintings are so wonderful, surely you’ll find these a way to your contentment!
    What happens with me is that whenever I’m not happy with something I started, I just give it up for a while and put it to a side: if I force myself to keep on working on it, I only make it worse! And then, sometimes the following day, sometimes months (!) later, I suddenly figure out what I dislike and find the way to fix it up…
    It’s also a matter of mood, I think.

    • Thank you so much, Ana, what a kind thoughtful comment! I do the same thing and put it aside and it often looks better later. Or it becomes clearer what to do next. And I agree mood is a huge part of it. Thank you for your kind words.

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