DSC_3418 2 sm

I’m not finished with this, there’s too much movement, in too many directions, maybe it will be improved if I get rid of the pinkisgh gray diagonal streak on the mid right. 

I often feel that earlier versions are better than the last one of the day. Here is the progression.


DSC_3414 2 sm 

DSC_3415 2 sm

DSC_3416 2 sm 

DSC_3418 2 sm


4 responses to “pasture

    • Thanks Anita, I’m glad you think the last one is best. I guess I am going a little towards the abstract, I have spent lots of time there in abstract. I’m always being pulled between these pattern studies and more straight up landscapes.

  1. I like both the first and last – for different reasons, the latter more finished, but I agree it may benefit from a little more focus. The salmon-pinkish colour appears throughout the picture and helps to draw it together, which i like. It has the feeling of a forest viewed from a train window, mysterious and deep. Tony

    • Thanks, Tony! I like to sprinkle a colour throughout a painting and yes that should help pull everything together. What a nice comment about the mysterious forest viewed from a train. I love it!

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