new sketchbook, new pencils: postaweek

drawing  jan 1

My brother gave me a new sketchbook and a box of new pencils for Christmas. I want to try to make a drawing every day in 2014.  To help inspire me, I’ll post some drawings here each week. Thanks to  Nick and to WordPress for nudging me to improve my art!


10 responses to “new sketchbook, new pencils: postaweek

  1. Great challenge, a fantastic way to get somethings done, I did that with photos last year; a 365 day challenge. Fun and improving, you hav to try new things:)

    • Thanks Kerlund, I agree, trying new things is important. This is not totally new for me, as I used to draw every day for years, but then I got hooked by paint and stopped drawing. This is a return to an old love.
      Congratulations for the 365 day challenge of photography. It is an excellent way to get things done.

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