mom picking huckleberries mike's cows 6 Mike's cows 5 Kenny's cows Mike's cows 4 Mike's cows, 3 Mike's cows 2, calf cows highway 16 Mike's cows 1 huckleberries whiskey jack on free to grow lodgepole pine indian paintbrushes on purple indian paintbrushes on blue snowshoeing feller bunching loading hauling skidding decking road-building ladyslippers plantation heavy snow on dead pines pine seedling bent hairgrass and dead pines poplars pine sapling pasture timothy timothy in the pasture snow on spruce branches


16 responses to “2014

  1. Hi Annrose,
    I was looking at your 2014 winter paintings – love the juicy paint and abstracted interpretations.. Congratulations.

    • Hi Teri
      Thanks so much for your visit to this page and for your very kind comment. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about abstraction. I want to somehow combine abstracted language like elements with vague landscape things. Hmm, anyway thanks so much!
      Take care, Annerose

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