snowy pine beetle


Brother Roy’s snowy upcycled pine beetle.


I got to stay home today, the snowplow didn’t come down our road. No painting and no work. I could maybe make it down our long driveway with my little car, but the 3km road is more tricky, it’s got a small hill. It’s less of a plow priority now that no school kids live on the road. The accumulation is 30 cm or 12 inches and most of that is from the last 2 hours.

Anyway I had fun shoveling and bringing in firewood.

Now maybe I should work on some Christmas magic.


5 responses to “snowy pine beetle

    • Our community is very dependent on forestry and the pine beetle killed almost all of our pine dominated forest. We’ve had a ten year boom, logging off the dead trees, and expect a bit of an economic “fall-down” soon. So yes, the beetle is a definite part of the community’s consciousness. And they are considered a natural disaster, one that has been given a big boost by man, by global warming and the forestry practice of putting out forest fires.
      Woodworkers have used the blue stained wood and turned them into “denim pine” ware. I love it when I see folk art pine beetle sculptures. I guess in other areas there may be emerald ash borer monsters, or gypsy moth creatures?
      Thanks for your thoughtful comments and all the best in the New Year, Al!

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