Museum of Contemporary Rubbish


I submitted to this exhibition, lots of fun. It’s one of my old painting rags. It came from my old worn out shirt and I used it to wipe my brushes and paint containers, but now it’s all crusty so I threw it out.

Here is the artist submission website:
Museum of Contemporary Rubbish

Also finished this little painting, I think:
November sunset
12′ x 24″ acrylic


15 responses to “Museum of Contemporary Rubbish

  1. Odd, isn;t it how beautiful old rubbish can be… It gives me an idea, I’ll submit to our gallery that the next members evening is called a Museum of Rubbish, see what we get. Thanks for that. I also liked the painting. Tony

    • I agree, garbage can look so good! I really liked the call for submissions for Artist Rubbish from their website.
      Thanks Tony for your kind words!

  2. I like this painting and it effectively makes me feel “cold”. Interesting about the Museum of Rubbish…I might submit something although polystyrene for the most part disappears photographed against a white background.

    • I hope you submit some styrofoam to the Museum of Rubbish, maybe some river darkened stuff. You can submit multiple times. I think it might be a good fit!

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