good morning

moose sm


She was sleeping just behind my house. She spent about half an hour browsing the willows in the backyard.

What a treat to wake up to.

12 responses to “good morning

    • Yes and so close about 3 or 4 yards from the window! They are indeed huge, a few years ago we had a large old cow moose in the yard. She was on the other side of the Aerostar van we had then and her back was taller than the van! Huge! And awkwardly graceful.

  1. Oh that must have been so thrilling and I’m so thrilled just seeing your pictures. What a beautiful thing. She has such gentle look to her.I’ve never been lucky enough to see one of these even though I’ve kept my eyes peeled when driving through the Cariboo.

    • I love to see them, several years ago we used to have a cow moose with a new set of twins each year, that would come by. They love the alfalfa fields. Lately our field has been planted in grain, but next year it will again have alfalfa, so we should see the moose more often.

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