this a small quick painting 8 1/2 x 11

Snow on the pasture in November, winter is just beginning.


10 responses to “pasture

    • Hi Stonka, We certainly do have snow. I don’t usually paint outdoors even in the summer. These paintings are all made from photo memories. I do sometimes draw outside but not usually at this time of year..
      Take care, Annerose

      • Annerose, nice to know that someone is thinking similarly – once painting a landscape I really prefer to watch and relax while in the nature, and paint in the comfortable environment of my studio 🙂 Your paintings are very realistic, anyway 🙂

      • Yes you said it well, I like to relax outside and paint in comfort, I just find painting outdoors too cold or too windy or lots of bugs or too hot etc.

  1. Oh this is just stunning, Annerose. My eyes just want to keep moving over and around drinking in all your lovely textures and colours. I really love this one.

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