painting fire – so much fun!


Here are the brushes I was using today, including the dustpan brush for most of the sky.



6 responses to “painting fire – so much fun!

    • Thanks Tony, I’m so glad you think so, movement and rhythm are so important to me. It’s how I can make sense of an artwork.

  1. Oh I was wondering how you were getting that fabulous texture. I’ve been wanting to come and visit your site, life has been beyond hectic, but I’m working backwards so I get to see a finished painting and then work back as you work on it. It’ s a bit surreal but fun! I’m trying to enjoy wordpress a bit more like a good book and come and visit people who’s sites I enjoy when it feels right so please forgive my absences and I really enjoy catching up. It seems like you have had a fall of really interesting beautiful work, and have gone in some new directions with your colour and textures. I have a special fondness for your slash burning painting and some of your forestry subjects as I used to work in forestry research and like your unsentimental portrayal of it. I get that.

    • Thanks so much Jennifer. I love it when people connected to forestry have positive feedback about my forestry paintings. I love that you think I portray forestry in an unsentimental way. Yahoo, success!

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