Forest Chronicles series, so far

corkscrew fsr

gravel pit

hay field

newly seeded field

old cones


Beetle killed pine forest

green after fire

clearing land

This series is about the changes to my forest. All of the paintings are 4 feet high and various widths. So far I’ve painted about gravel pits, logging roads, farming, clearcuts, logging, winter, the pine bark beetles, forest fires and land clearing. I’m really looking forward to painting about fire, our neighbour has a lot of slash piles ready to burn but I think he is waiting for snow. Any day. Other possible subjects could be the fall, logging trucks, mining, housing development, hunting. I have a list in my studio.

Let me know what you think! I’d be so interested in your feedback.


8 responses to “Forest Chronicles series, so far

  1. A beautiful series, Annerose. I think painting the fires might be interesting and challenging. I always like anything you paint, though. Looking forward to your new ones!

    • Thanks so much Anita, the feeling is mutual, I always like anything you paint also. I’m pretty excited about painting the fire too.

  2. I admire your distinctive brush strokes so much, and immediately thought about that lovely photo you took of the star shape inside the log when you mentioned your upcoming fire paintings. Beautiful, thoughtful series.

  3. I enjoy the hint of the brilliant blue mountains to contrast the greens and grays in the first painting in this post. I also like the impression of wind blowing created by the large brushstrokes on the road. Overall, a wonderful series on different forest events. It is good visual storytelling.

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